Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attunity Oracle-CDC for SSIS - A Great Product

Despite a year of Azure, MVC/MVP/MVVM extravaganza, the promise of .Net 4.0 with declarative WCF/WF, CQRS confusion, and of course Oslo's purported subsumption into EF, it's clearly been awhile since I've felt absolutely compelled to write about something until now.

Anyone who has toiled in SSIS knows the many faces of frustration. Whether with the product itself, or with 3rd party drivers and addons which disappoint. But every now and then a real winner comes along giving hope and respite - Attunity is just that sort of vendor. Their 'Oracle-CDC for SSIS' product is solid and their customer support highly responsive. It would be hard to ask more of a vendor.

The product simplifies not only the process of setting up CDC for Oracle (requiring minimal Oracle DBA involvement), it also generates SSIS packages that make consuming the captured data changes to a destination database table a snap. Throw in an admin console and a straightforward mechanism for deploying to a production SSIS machine and it simply can't be beat.

At this point I couldn't imagine doing 'raw' CDC - the product is that good.